Roundup of yn’24 Community Summit


We had a blast hosting the AYON Community Summit, welcoming our community to meet the team and share valuable insights into the current trends and challenges within the animation and VFX industry. The two-day event focused on technological advancements, the importance of collaboration, and practical solutions to industry challenges.

Here are some of the highlights from the conference on the second day:

The summit showcased how technology advancements in production are transforming creative workflows. These tools are not only making processes more efficient but are also expanding the possibilities for storytelling and artistic expression. The discussions highlighted technology’s role in both enhancing creativity and streamlining production. We kicked it off with an insightful presentation of AYON’s growth, adoption and a glimpse into its roadmap.

Collaboration for industry growth
A significant theme of the summit was the importance of a collaborative industry ecosystem. Open-source projects and community initiatives were spotlighted, demonstrating the community’s commitment to innovation and shared progress. This collaborative approach is vital for setting new standards and keeping the industry at the cutting edge.

Addressing technical challenges with creative solutions
The event provided a realistic view of the technical challenges studios encounter, particularly with the integration of new technologies like Universal Scene Description (USD) and AI. Through case studies and technical discussions, speakers shared how they are navigating these challenges, emphasizing adaptability and the value of continuous learning.

The Impact of Universal Scene Description (USD)
USD was a focal point of Roy Nieterau’s talk, Founder and Technical Director at Colorbleed Studios. The presentation explored how USD facilitates better collaboration and efficiency, with discussions on its integration process and the benefits it brings to animation and VFX production.

Watch a selection of presentations live streamed:

The Ynput Community Summit offered a comprehensive overview of the current state and future directions of the animation and VFX industry. With a focus on technological innovation, collaboration, and practical problem-solving, the event underscored the collective journey towards furthering industry advancements. As the field continues to evolve, the insights gained from this summit will be instrumental in guiding professionals through the ever-changing landscape of animation and VFX.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend, we’d love to get your feedback on why to help us understand what you’d like to see for the next summit. 

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