Meet the Ynput team at FMX 2024

Fmx partner

We’re excited to announce our participation at FMX 2024, one of the premier global conferences for animation, effects, interactive, and immersive media. Celebrating the 28th edition of FMX, hosted by Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, we are proud to contribute to the event’s long-standing tradition of innovation, learning, and networking.

Join us in Stuttgart, Germany, at the renowned Haus der Wirtschaft venue, for a series of talks related to AYON, how it’s used in production, and how creative studios are facing dilemmas with technology.

FMX 2024 Workshop Schedule

We’ve curated four engaging workshops, each scheduled at 12:30pm in Raum Karlsruhe, covering crucial topics in the world of animation and VFX. Here’s what attendees can look forward to:

Introduction to AYON Pipeline
Time & Date: 12:30pm on Tuesday, April 23
Speakers: Milan Kolar (Co-founder and CEO) & Martin Licko (Head of Client Success)
Overview: Dive into the AYON pipeline with insights from Ynput’s leaders. Understand the evolution from OpenPype to AYON, the leading open-source platform that powers animation and VFX studios globally. This session is perfect for Artists, Supervisors, and Pipeline TDs looking to enhance their workflow.
Session details

OpenUSD in Small Studios – What Does It Really Take?
Time & Date: 12:30pm on Wednesday, April 24
Speaker: Roy Nieterau (Technical Director and Founder, Colorbleed)
Overview: Explore the practical use of OpenUSD with AYON at Colorbleed and gain insights into streamlining projects in small studios.
Session details

Cloud Strategy for Flexible and Scalable Visual Effects
Time & Date: 12:30pm on Thursday, April 25
Speakers: Lorenzo Basurto (Pipeline Supervisor, Orca Studios) & Adrian Pueyo (Head of VFX & Virtual Production, Orca Studios)
Overview: Learn how Orca Studios harnesses cloud technology for scalable and flexible VFX production, integrating AYON into their cloud-based pipeline for managing complex productions.
Session details

Panel: Are We a Creative Studio or a Software House?
Time & Date: 12:30pm on Friday, April 26, 2024
Speakers: Lorenzo Basurto (Pipeline Supervisor, Orca Studios), Dee Coureau (Product Manager, Ynput), and Roy Nieterau (Technical Director and Founder, Colorbleed)
Overview: Engage in a dynamic debate over the “build vs buy” dilemma facing creative studios. When should studios develop custom tools, and when should they opt for off-the-shelf solutions?
Session details

Meet us at FMX
We are eager to connect with you at FMX 2024. Whether you’re attending our workshops or just exploring the conference, we’ll be available for meetings throughout the week of FMX. Feel free to book your time with us at

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