Shape the Future of Animation & VFX Pipelines – 2023 Pipeline Survey


In the animation and VFX industry, the tools we use significantly impact the stories we tell and the art we create. Pipelines – the heartbeats of our projects – dictate the rhythm and flow of production. Understanding industry-wide practices, preferences, challenges, and the overall landscape helps us all grow and innovate. That’s why we’re reaching […]

Ynput at SIGGRAPH 2023


August 9, 2023 Blender chairman at SIGGRAPH Siggraph 2023 is pretty good place for running into open-source enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Our CEO Milan Kolar just had to take obligatory selfie with Blender chairman and open source legend Ton Roosendaal. August 9, 2023 August 6, 2023 Open Source Day I wonder how many badges is enough […]

ynput at Annecy Festival 2023


Good bye Annecy Festival. We’ve had a blast and see you next year! Ynput is at Annecy Festival and MIFA 2023! We had a great time presenting AYON pipeline at Annecy Festival.  Thank you Epic Games and Unreal Engine for hosting us!  If you didn’t make it, and want to talk about how AYON can help your studio ping Milan Kolar […]