Introducing AYON 1.0: On-premise & Cloud Platform for Animation and VFX Pipelines

Ayon 1.0 release
In a company-first, Ynput offers a cloud-hosted version of AYON, providing unprecedented scalability and flexibility for creative studios.

Ynput, the pioneering developers behind the robust open-source pipeline platform AYON, formerly known as OpenPype, have announced a significant update with the release of AYON 1.0. For the first time, alongside the self-hosted solution, Ynput is introducing a cloud offering for AYON, designed to empower animation and VFX studios with scalable, secure, and highly accessible pipeline tools.

Understanding the industry’s evolving demands, especially the need for adaptable resources amidst a global shift toward remote collaboration, AYON Cloud makes it even easier for studios to get started with an industry-proven pipeline. The new service eliminates the complexities of local infrastructure management, allowing creative talents to focus on producing breathtaking visuals without technical constraints.


"In the age of maximising efficiencies, the open-source and collaborative nature of AYON was a key driver for us to make the switch. As a studio committed to working as efficiently as possible on multiple high-end CG productions across multiple DCCs, AYON aligns perfectly with our company's vision. Having Ynput's team on hand means we can focus on maximising visual quality and artist job satisfaction rather than being consumed by legacy pipeline maintenance. We're confident that AYON will streamline our creative workflows and help us deliver exceptional results to drive our studio even further forward."

This testament from industry leaders symbolises the trust and potential that AYON promises. The cloud service, built on the foundational strength of its open-source origins, underscores Ynput’s commitment to fostering a collaborative ecosystem where technology and creativity merge to push the boundaries of what’s possible in animation and VFX.

“Years of refining AYON alongside some of the most talented studios have culminated in this moment, where even start-ups can leverage a pipeline platform that they can use right away, and be certain it will handle any complexity they throw at it as they grow. Studios of all sizes now have the opportunity to gain overnight access to tools that were previously exclusive to the largest and most mature studios, democratising the efficiencies of a robust pipeline. What's truly exciting is that AYON's server, pipeline and APIs are open-source, fostering further innovation through customisation and extension. For those in need of support and implementation, Ynput’s team of pipeline experts is ready to manage the technical complexities, enabling studios to concentrate on what matters most: delivering exceptional visuals for their clients with the confidence of having a pipeline team at their fingertips when needed.”

AYON 1.0, with both its self-hosted and cloud offerings, bolsters a studio’s ability to handle diverse projects, ensuring real-time collaboration, data security, and access to essential tools. The platform’s flexibility is further highlighted by its compatibility with numerous industry-standard applications and production tracking tools including: Maya, Houdini, 3Ds Max, Nuke, Hiero, Blender, Flame, Resolve, Fusion, Unreal Engine, After Effects, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Harmony, TV Paint, Multiverse, Deadline, Muster, Royal Render, Clockify, Slack, ftrack, Shotgrid, Kitsu, and HiBob.

Pricing and availability

Starting from just €290 per month with the AYON Cloud Starter plan, creative studios gain immediate access to a robust production-proven pipeline platform. Plus, enjoy a free one-month trial to experience the full capabilities of the Cloud plans.

Additionally, the self-hosted Community Edition of AYON, designed for on-premise installation, remains available for free, forever.

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