Shape the Future of Animation & VFX Pipelines – 2023 Pipeline Survey


In the animation and VFX industry, the tools we use significantly impact the stories we tell and the art we create. Pipelines – the heartbeats of our projects – dictate the rhythm and flow of production. Understanding industry-wide practices, preferences, challenges, and the overall landscape helps us all grow and innovate. That’s why we’re reaching out to professionals like you to participate in our comprehensive Animation and VFX Pipeline Survey.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the industry, if you have knowledge of your studio’s tools, your insights can contribute immensely to this initiative. We’re seeking honest, accurate reflections on the technologies you use, the challenges you face, and the solutions you’d love to see. The survey is designed to tap into your experiences, with an estimated completion time of just 15 minutes. Your responses will remain entirely confidential, and no personal or company data will be shared. 

Why Participate?

The strength of our community lies in its willingness to share knowledge and experiences. By participating in this survey, you’re contributing to a reservoir of data that will benefit the entire pipeline community. Here’s how:

  1. Community Driven: The results of this survey will provide a rare insight into the collective challenges and needs of animation and VFX professionals, potentially guiding the future development of tools, workflows, and resources.
  2. Shared Knowledge: We’ll be compiling the data into an anonymized report that we will share with the community. This report will help studios understand industry standards, spark discussions on best practices, and potentially inspire innovative solutions.
  3. Open for all: You don’t need to be an AYON user to participate. We want to hear from everyone in the production pipeline space because every piece of information adds a richer layer of understanding to the survey results. 

The richness of the data we collect depends on the volume and honesty of the responses. We encourage you to share this survey with your peers and colleagues in the industry. The more voices we hear, the clearer the picture we can paint together for a better, more efficient, and creative tomorrow in animation and VFX. 

Thank you in advance for your valuable insights and for supporting the growth and success of our vibrant professional community.

We look forward to sharing the preliminary results at the Ynput Community Summit in March, and then share wider in the following weeks.



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