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Zero installation remote publishing

Seamless Collaboration and Efficiency

The Web Publisher add-on simplifies the process of publishing assets for remote artists to share their work with supervisors for review, however it also allows submitting of full scenes, which will be transferred to studio and processed there to leverage full studio render farm and processing power. 

Designed with freelancers and remote artists in mind, it streamlines workflows and eliminates tedious installation of pipeline tools and manual processes.


Batch Creation

Web Publisher eliminates the need for convoluted file sharing procedures, enabling efficient collaboration and enhancing creative workflow for artists through batch publishing.


Full Publishing History

Studios can securely receive work from artists without granting access to the entire project infrastructure, ensuring uncompromised studio security. 

“It has significantly improved our workflow by automating the handling of enormous outputs and ensuring they reach the right hands without manual intervention. The elimination of additional installations or third-party applications makes Web Publisher seamless, enabling us to work more collaboratively and efficiently.”
Pete Addington
CG Supervisor

Powerful Uploading

Auto Sorting

The robust file uploader handles any kind of file you need to publish and supports any data including workfiles, image sequences or models.

Drag and Drop

Drop everything all at once and we handle the rest by automatically detecting sequences and patterns and grouping them together. 

Key Features


The Web Publisher addon will be available for purchase once it exits the beta period. Additionally, these services are offered for a fee with the free community plan and will be integrated into the commercial offering of AYON in the near future.

The pricing of the addon is designed to support the development of the free community edition, allowing for effective service to the community. Users’ investment in these paid-for addons play a direct role in the upkeep and maintenance of the community tier, ensuring that AYON remains accessible to all. 

Starter Tier

For non-supported AYON
3 Monthly / User
  • AYON Web Publisher Add-on
  • Continuous updates
  • Support AYON development

Support Tier

Free Included
  • AYON Web Publisher Add-on
  • Continuous updates
  • Premium Support




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