See your projects like never before

Work with your project in a node based environment. Quickly see existing links between entities and establish new ones.

Node Based Environment

The Node Graph addon introduces a visual way to perceive information flow of projects within AYON. Its intuitive node-based environment enables users to visualise projects like never before.

Gain an overview of the entire project’s structure and effortlessly navigate through its components.



Reveal intricate relationships between entities, providing valuable insights into their connections and dependencies.

What assets are in which shots or do two shots share any characters?


Visually understand how the workflow of your tasks interlink with each other. 

What tasks need to be finished before another one can start and how does that affect your whole pipeline.

Hierarchy Browser

Dive deep into your project hierarchy and links network quickly and efficiently with full keyboard and shortcut support. 


Workflow Enhancements


Links Creator

By utilising the Links Creator, users can establish meaningful connections between nodes, enhancing project organisation.


Graph it!

Open the graph anywhere in the app to always quickly see entity links.


The Node Graph addon will be available for purchase on a per-user, per-month basis, once it exits the beta period. Additionally, these services are offered at a nominal fee with the free community plan and will be integrated into the commercial offering of AYON in the near future.

The nominal pricing of the addon is designed to support the development of the free community edition, allowing for effective service to the community. Users’ investment in these paid-for addons play a direct role in the upkeep and maintenance of the community tier, ensuring that AYON remains accessible to all. 

Starter Tier

For non-supported AYON
2 Monthly / User
  • Full AYON Graph Add-on
  • Continuous updates
  • Support AYON development

Support Tier

Plus and Enterprise
Free Included
  • Full AYON Graph Add-on
  • Continuous updates
  • Premium Support




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